Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today's Review - In english :o!

Hey everyone!

You wonder why I'm writing in english ? :D 
Today I wrote a important english exam ^^ My english is very bad ._. sorry about that.. I hope everyone will understand me

The class test was about communication theory's. 
Info about the Communication Model of Schulz v. Thun  
Actually it's an interesting topic. The task was, to write a comment about the question: "Do Schulz von Thun's communication model improve vocational relationships?" 
I hope I don't wrote much bullshit in my comment
Well, we will see... I also want to show you my schooldesk today

After school I went with my friends to BoboQ to drink bubble tea
I chose a strawberry yogurt with popping lychee. It tastes very yummi
Than we went shopping in "Köln Arcaden". I bought some very cute stuff

A cute "my little pony" necklace, 
hair slides in light pink and purple & some buttons for my new blouse (because the original buttons are not very pretty...)

I hope you like my little english post xD

Wish you all a nice day !

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